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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Online Casino Website (OCW). Users visit OCW in order to engage in an exciting online casino experience with live gambling, real casino strategies and exhilarating gameplay. OCW’s games are available to play live on the internet and many of the games are available for downloads to your personal computer. By participating in OCW you must first read and agree to all terms listed below in this privacy policy. Please read this and also read any other materials published for your benefit before participating in online gambling on OCW. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated staff and OCW will try to answer them in a timely fashion.

Your Personal Information

OCW reserves the right to collect each user’s personal information. The remainder of this privacy policy will discuss what reasons OCW collects information and what OCW will do with the information.

Type of Information Collected

OCW may collect user information, such as but not limited to user name, user email, actual name (first name and last name), birthdate, home address, home telephone, cell phone number and credit or bank cards associated with user’s account.

When is Personal Information Collected?

User’s personal information is typically collected during registration processes. OCW will collect this information and store it for future use unless otherwise specified. Information is also collected if and when a user completes a survey or fills out a questionnaire at OCW.

How Does OCW Uses Your Personal Information?

OCW will carefully describe the uses of personal information obtained from user. This is to help clarify this matter for all users. OCW attempts to be transparent to users. Personal information obtained from users is being collected and stored for the following reason:

About Third Parties

OCW will not willingly collect and share personal information with a third party website without the consent of user. OCW will not share personal information with commercial or non-commercial third party websites without the consent of user. It is typically not OCW’s intent to get user to share their personal information for third party marketing services. However, from time to time OCW may inform user of special offers, discounts and promotions that are happening with other companies. User will have the option of consenting to releasing personal information at that time. If user does not consent to sharing of personal information with third party websites then the collected information will not be shared. The only exception to this rule is when OCW must share user’s personal information with companies that provide operational services to OCW. By reading this, user acknowledges this information

In order to function as an online casino, OCW must release some personal information given by users to third party companies that assist OCW in operations. OCW will release personal information provided by user to third companies that provide payment processing. OCW will also release personal information provided by user to security and data verification companies.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of information (in the form of a text file) which is sent from a website server and stored on a user’s computer. Cookies are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client’s computer.

This website uses unobtrusive cookies to store information on your computer. Some cookies on this site are essential, and the site will not work as expected without them. These cookies are typically set when you submit an online form or login to the site.

We also use some non-essential third party cookies to anonymously track visitors. If you are unhappy with the use of third party cookies, see below to read information about the cookies used. Disabling certain cookies may disable some of the features of this website.


 CookieName  From  Description  Expiration
 PHPSESSID  PHP  The PHPSESSID cookie enables websites to store serialised state data. This is mainly used when you login, but it is also used to remember certain small settings you make select when browsing the site  1 Year


How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences ?

The majority of browsers are configured to accept, control or potentially disable cookies through the settings. We nevertheless remind you that disabling navigation or functional cookies may affect the functioning of the website and/or limit the service we offer.
It is possible to browse and temporarily prevent the browser from recording cookies by using the incognito mode or a private browsing mode:


Audits and Contractors

From time to time OCW will experience audits, just like any other business that functions to the full extent of the law. In these times it is possible that OCW will be forced to release personal information provided by user for the purpose of satisfying the audit. If it is for that reason only, then information should remain safe with the auditor.

OCW must employ contractors for the purpose of operating some aspects of the casino. When contractors have access to personal information provided by users they are not given permission to use information for their purposes. Information shall remain safely stored and not shared between companies without user’s consent in doing so.

Disclosing Information to Governments

OCW will not release personal information including name, address, phone numbers, billing information or email address to governments or government entities of any type. The only exception to this rule is if OCW is being forced by law to release this information. Then, OCW must comply, but OCW will never willingly take part in any surveys or other forms of disclosure to government or government entities. This includes sharing personal information to local, state and federal governments inside of user’s country of origin and abroad.

Use of Personal Information

OCW will only use personal information for correspondence with user. OCW may contact user to keep user’s informed about any updates to OCW’s software that may effect player’s experience. OCW will use this information to continue to provide user with complete and easily accessible casino experience. OCW may use information to show/promote/market OCW’s services and products to user. Information may be used by OCW to answer any question or satisfy any request for more information about OCW’s services, games, products, et cetera. OCW will also use information to give user support 100% of the time. Lastly, OCW might use information to show user any companies or third party websites that OCW has partnered with, but will not release this information to third parties without user’s consent.

Casino Employees

OCW may allow trusted casino employees the ability to view certain aspects of user’s personal information. By reading this you have acknowledged that OCW has completely inspected all aspects of employee’s personal background and trusts this employee with personal information of the online casino. Employees may not engage in any illegal activities regarding personal information, use of information, or selling information to third party companies. Typically, employees will only need personal information when a user registers for site or registers for a game. They may use personal information to contact user about new games. They will use personal information to contact user in regards to questions, comments or information requested by user.

Purchasers or Investors

In the event that OCW is ever sold, traded or bought by another company. Personal information provided to OCW by user will be transferred with OCW. All rules, regulations, terms, conditions and this policy must remain intact in any sale, trade or purchase of OCW.

In the case that a private investor is brought into OCW for the purpose of broadening the casino experience then personal information provided by user may be shared with the investor. The investor will be under the same agreements, terms and conditions regarding private information as OCW.

Data Processing Agreements

Any time OCW must engage in use of auditors, contractors or any other third party company to process personal information provided by user there will be data processing agreements in place. When required by law, these data processing agreements help to ensure the safety and security of any and all personal information provided by user. It is, therefore, against the law for the auditors, contractors or third party companies to not respect and uphold this data processing agreement. Any sharing, selling or use of user information without prior consent from user is punishable by law. OCW will always ask for consent before willingly sharing information with third party companies that are described in this privacy policy.

Opting Out of Receiving Future Emails

OCW may contact user regarding upcoming promotions for products and services such as new games and software updates. User may desire to opt out of receiving these future promotional emails. They may opt out by contacting the support staff of OCW and addressing their concerns.

Secure Personal Information

OCW does everything possible to maintain the safety and security of personal information obtained by users. OCW has the most state of the art, advanced procedures for protecting personal information obtained from user and will continue to update these procedures as technologies for security are advanced. These security technology protect information from accidental loss, threats to security, illegally disclosing information and improperly destroying information. All auditors, employees, contractors and so forth have agreements with OCW to uphold and respect privacy of personal information obtained by user.

Protection from Minors

Minors are NOT allowed to play in OCW’s online casino when real money is at stake. People of all ages are welcomed to play when the games are for fun, but any account registered for playing in the casino with use of real money must not be associated with any minor. If OCW is suspicious of a user’s account being used by a minor then they will take actions to remove this account. At this time OCW may remove the account and any personal information associated with the account and illegal minor gambling activities from its servers.


Any attempts to gain surveillance of user and employees at OCW is kept in the safety and security of our servers. OCW retains the right to conduct surveillance on its physical premises and on its website for security purposes.

Retention of Information and Changes to Privacy Policy

OCW will only hold onto personal information from user as long as necessary. Further retention is deemed unnecessary and a poor practice. OCW will make changes to this privacy policy at their discretion. Any and all changes made to privacy policy will be made available to user. User will be notified by OCW at the time of any changes to privacy policy, typically by contacting user through email address provided to OCW by user at time of registration. If user changes email address then they should keep OCW updated with new and current contact information for the purpose of this communication.


Enjoy your experience at Online Casino Website (OCW). Take a look at forums for more information regarding policies, strategies and games. By participating in OCW you must first read and agree to all terms listed above in this Privacy Policy. Please read this and other materials published for your benefit before participating in online gambling on OCW.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our dedicated staff to answer them.